HDFC Click to Protect Plus is a pure term insurance plan which offers comprehensive protection at a cost-effective price along with securing the insured’s family members against the uncertainties of life.

This term insurance policy provides a wide range of plan options and an individual can choose any one of these options depending on her/his specific needs. One can also opt for securing her/his family’s day to day requirements by opting for monthly income under Income & Income Plus Option of HDFC click 2 protect plus plan.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus – Overview:

HDFC Click to Protect 3D plus offers a wide range of 9 plan options to choose from:

  • Life Option:

Under this standard option, the dependents of the policyholder receive the assured sum as a lump sum in the unfortunate event of her/his death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness. One will also get waiver on future premiums if there is a case of permanent disability due to accident.

  • 3D Life Option:

It allows the policyholders to get a waiver of premium on detection of any of the covered 34 critical illness.

  • Extra Life Option:

It comes with an additional lump sum amount which is offered in case of an unexpected accidental death of the policyholder. However, this option needs to be selected at the time of buying the HDFC click 2 protect policy.

  • Return of Premium Option:

This plan option has the unique feature of survival benefit, which is generally not available in the term plans. All the premiums paid by the policyholder will be returned if s/he survives till the end of the policy term, apparently excluding any applicable taxes.

  • Life Long Protection Option:

This plan option covers the life assured for the entire lifetime, besides offering the benefits available under the Life option.

  • 3D Life Long Protection Option:

This option of HDFC click to protect plus plan offers waiver of premium in case the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the 34 critical illnesses, besides offering the benefits under Life Long Protection option.

  • Income Option:

It gives the option to receive a monthly income (level or increasing) to the policyholder’s family along with the lump sum amount.

  • Extra Life Income Option:

It is an extension to the income option. It offers lump-sum payout in case of accidental death & regular monthly income, if chosen by the policyholder at the time of policy inception.

  • Income Replacement Option:

Under this option, the beneficiary will receive 12 times of the chosen monthly income as lump sum amount and a level or increasing monthly income for the leftover policy term, in case of the policyholder’s death or diagnosis of terminal illness.

HDFC Click to Protect Plus – Eligibility Criteria

Entry Age18 years65 years
Maturity Age28 years75 years
Policy Term10 years40 years
Sum AssuredRs 25 lakhsNo  limit
Premium Payment TermRegular, Limited, Single

Features of HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus Plan:

  • Offers financial protection at affordable premiums
  • Offers a wide range of 9 plan options to choose from
  • Future premiums waived in cases of
  1. Accidental Total Permanent Disability
  2. On diagnosis of Critical Illness (for 3D Life & 3D Life Long Protection options)
  • Whole of life protection feature with Life Long Protection & 3D Life Long Protection options
  • Life Stage Protection feature to increase insurance coverage on certain key milestones (without undergoing medicals)
  • Option to increase cover amount every year through top-up option
  • Specialized premium rates for female applicants and non-tobacco users
  • Tax benefits

Advantages of HDFC Click to Protect Plus:

Death Benefit:

  • For Single Premium Policy, it is higher of :
    1. 125% of Single Premium, or
    2. Sum Assured
  • For Regular Premium Policy, it is higher of :
    1. 10 times the annualized premium
    2. 105% of all the premiums paid as on date of death
  • Sum Assured

Maturity Benefit:

No maturity benefit is payable under this plan.

Life Stage Protection:

Under this option, the policyholder gets to:

  1. Increase her/his life cover/sum assured to have a proportional increase in future premium amounts
  2. Reduce the additional cover later on to have a proportional reduction in future premium amounts

HDFC Click to Protect Plus Plan – F&Q’s

Q1) Is it needed to do anything else after making the payment of HDFC click to protect plus plan?

Yes, the applicant needs to complete the verification call that s/he will receive from HDFC Life and send pending document, if anys. The company will also let the candidate known if there would be a requirement of any medical examination.

Q2) Is it necessary to undergo a medical test?

The medical test requirement will be communicated to the applicant by HDFC Life.  It depends upon the underwriting requirements and the health disclosures made by the applicant.

The medical tests are generally short and basic including blood test, urine analysis test, etc.

Q3) How much time does it take for issuing the policy once the company as receive the applicant’s documents?

It takes approximately 5 to 10 working days to issue the HDFC Click to Protect Plus policy once the company has received all the KYC/Financial documents and medical results (if medical tests are conducted) of the applicant.

The company will start its underwriting process and in the meanwhile, HDFC Life may contact the proposer from time to time for any further documents or process requirements. Once all these processes are cleared and completed, the policy will be issued and the documents will be mailed to the proposer.

Hence, it’s important to provide the company with correct pin code with the communication address to get the documents delivered correctly.

Q4) How to check the status of one’s application?

One can write to HDFC Life at onlinequery@hdfclife[dot]in or call their toll free number 1800 266 9777?

Q5) Is it possible to buy more than one policy?

Yes, the applicants or even the existing policyholders can buy another online policy. However, the acceptance of the same is subject to underwriting approval.

Q6) What is the claim settlement process for HDFC Click to Protect?

The nominees/beneficiaries can send an email to the company at: claims@hdfclife[dot]com and the company representatives will get back to her/him with the requirement details to get the claim processed.

One can also get in touch with them at: 1860 267 9999 (Local charges apply) for any assistance required for processing claims.